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Episode 1 – The Beginning of Argos TV
March 31st 2020

Welcome to the beginning of it all. And by it all, I mean our local Idaho based and somewhat nationally extended Video Livestream. We here at Argos TV provide a certain atmosphere that we didn’t quite know how to capture early on and so these episodes are rough and tumble. But rest assured we find our groove and eventually change our formula drastically, more than once.

A forever friend to the Argos TV Family, and one of its most consistent content providers, Sarah Weber, AKA the Brain Clean up Coach starts off the inaugural broadcast, as she so eloquently put, leading the viewers through her first meditation with our station, seeking only the aspect of peace and calmness during a rather stressful period of time. This was when the stores were absolutely bare of T.P. after all.

Afterwards, a brief interlude between the two founding Argos Members, Jeston Lewis and Erica Deshner-Cornwall. Then, we join Wonder, of Wonder Truly, a talented musician who we have called on a few times to deliver a great show.

Then its Erica & Cody Cornwall is what would later be called the ‘Cooking with Cody’ Segment, but for now was just called Erica and Cody. Cody is a local chef of undeniable talent.

An hour later and we’re observing the fitness routine of Kvell Fitness & Nutrition with Brett Denton. We would play these pre recorded Tapes throughout the week, Monday through Friday for a time.

And afterwards, our first aired episode of My Idaho Friends, and Jaime Lima, in a cross interview with Jeston Lewis.

Finally, for the end of the stream after another wave of short film content by local providers, DaveTheFAVE endearing us to his musical stylings played for the evening. And that concludes the full show, first of many. We hope you enjoyed this look back at Argos TV’s awkward and magical beginnings. Good night and enjoy.


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