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Episode 2 – Shaky First Steps
Show of 3/31

Our second show of the year 2020, March 31st was the day of a local Earthquake that took us all by surprise. As with a lot of our early shows, the line up of content providers is different to the standard, but we’re thankful all the content creators.

So, after a heart warming introduction and thankyou to the previous day’s participants issued from Erica Deshner, she tells us how we need to continue to support local businesses now more than ever.

The first guest of the evening was Jennifer Knight with Yoga Tree of Boise, taking us through an at home Yoga session to relax our bodies and spirits. Much of the content in the early days was therapy and relaxation based, though with our internet connection most of it was choppy.

Steven Tanner, from Pathways of Integration then took us on a trip of Meditation on the path provided by the study of Neuro-sculpting. His details on this are far more eloquent than I could manage.

Afterwards, with a brief promotion for the Doctor Who Velocity series, a locally made tribute show to the very popular BBC legend, Doctor Who, we move onto a segment of Storyfort, previously recorded with a storyteller recalling the times they got to see musical groups live, and how that experience was Epic in their lives.

Following that, Kvell Fitness routine takes place, and afterwards, we see another pre recorded story session from Storyfort, this time involving working with Arabic women in a training camp to teach them skills necessary to make trade revenue possible in their local area, and getting to know them as friends.

It is during the Storyfort segment after this, in which Idaho receives the blessing of a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. People were justifiably shaken up. Hah. Hah.

At the end of the evening then, Jeston Lewis interviews by Idaho Ambassador, Hillary Lee to talk about life in Idaho.



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