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Episode 3 – A Fools Feast
April 1st, 2020

April Fools, only 3 days in, and we already had to compete with a national holiday trying to make us look like a joke. Admittedly, our first episodes were rough, we had unreliable software, everyone was still unsure of how to interact over the cameras, as we’d only just begun to realize that quarantine was our lives and that Zoom meetings were the wave of the future. 2020 was going to be a big departure from the normal. Maybe April Fools got us after all…

Big thanks to our usual roster of content providers and community members, as well as the less seen but just as supportive people who helped us get started.

Sarah Weber, Brain Clean up Coach started off the show with a meditation, her forte’ as always. This one was focused on the concept of visualizing our inner health and using it as a force of energy to spread better physical health, during the early days of the Pandemic.

Afterwards, a brief stint of Story Fort content that Argos Productions filmed and video edited for easy consumption and then again more content from Argos Productions film crew this time detailing the events of a Boise B-Sides learning seminar.

From there, a little less than an hour of physical fitness with Kvell’s health and Fitness instructor videos, playing a different session for whatever day of the week it is.

Cooking with Cody for the second time after that, with the leftovers black box event, making our food products last longer in creative ways. This session was broken up with some promotions before returning to the end of the cooking session.

More than half way through the stream now, and we return to Storyfort content, quickly realizing that we would have to re use a lot of content early on to fill our time gaps. We quickly moved away from such long day scheduled streams to conserve our repetition of content provided, but its something we’ve never been able to fully get away from.

At last, the recorded content is peeled away and DazyAir Art Therapy gets to shine in one of its first (if not THE first) live episodes. You wont likely see it again however, because much to our chagrin, Erica learned about how its not a good idea to play or sing along to Journey while you stream to the internet.

The next segment after this one took that problem to the next level as some local ladies made a dance contest out of their personal music choices for fun and entertainment purposes. While it was indeed commendable how they danced their hearts out, we got muted.

And finally some non copyright music came from the creator himself, under the alias of Psychosissy to help wind down the evening.


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