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Episode 4 – Music, Fitness, and Interviews
April 2nd, 2020

And here we go, what a show this was. Not for being entirely groundbreaking but being the step in a right direction. Episode 4 was not quite what we started to rely on as a standard for our shows, but it was definitely one of the first to conform to the idea of what we wanted Argos Productions to represent. It was also my first memory of the Impatient Skeleton waiting for us to get our show together. That original graphic confused and terrified me. Its improved counterpart still haunts me in the morning hours when I am in danger of being late for work.

After a very brief message from Erica, the show starts with Kvell fitness bringing us a new workout session. An hour into the stream and the next of our staple show projects, My Idaho Friends brought to us by the ever charming Jaime Lima and his guest of the week, Shane Johnson. (I say of the week, because as far as I can remember Jaime only ever did one show a week, though I could be wrong.)

Next up was Millie from Repop Gifts, sharing a wonderful look at Lego creations in her store with us. While interviewing along side Erica Deshner, her guest as they had what can only be described as the purest form of Lego talk.

After that, The Pearl Tones streaming in live from their home, with their Nervous pug to boot! Cute old doggo aside, this was a great and creative way to listen to music and I wish all of our early streaming musicians had the ability and will to return as often as the Pearl Tones do. And that was it. The show ends with their Cellophane Love song music video, back when they were the Pearl Snaps. A lovely time all things said and done. Hope you enjoyed the show.



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