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Episode 5 – A Friendly Gathering
April 6th, 2020

April 6th started out like most of our early shows, with Sarah Weber, the Brain Clean up Coach. Her lesson today was on conscious reasoning, how we begin to develop it at a young age, and how we form judgements based on our reasoning as it develops. Then its on to the first episode of My Idaho friends with Jaime Lima.

Now I know that’s confusing, but we’re talking about the first episode ever made. The pilot which was filmed and recorded as a trip to WIll Hay’s Spacebar Arcade, which had a vastly different format as most things did before Covid 19.

Afterwards, Cooking with Cody takes part in a new project. Banana Fosters, which turned out incredible. The Goofy stylings of Cody Cornwall teaches the viewer how to prepare the food, while also sharing a few snippets of information about the dish itself, such as its origins. Mostly though its just fun watching him work.

Next, Jaime Lima is back on the air with what at the time was a live meeting with Drew, from Tree Fort. Indeed, they talk about how Tree Fort got its start and how it came to be that the business aspect of what they call an organized party became a solid concept.

And then who would have guessed we’d be bringing back a third helping of My Idaho friends? This time its another pre recorded episode in an on location type setting as Jaime meets Kevin Quinn, and they share a bottle of wine at Telaya wine co. A short lived episode, it was followed by a repeat story fort entry that we seemed to play every day. I’ll be honest, I think this was an error in our filing system more than anything.

And lastly of the evening we had Tone Operator, a synth music group from Chicago that gave us a few tracks over the year that we play very frequently, simply because they are an awesome force. At the end of the night, Jeston signed us off with the beginning of Week 2 and a huge thanks to all of our participating partners. Hope you enjoyed it.


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