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Episode 6 – Smoothing out the edges
April 7th, 2020

This Episode starred Sarah Weber, Alex Syiek, Jaime Lima & Hillary Lee, and Joseph Lyle. It also was brought to you by Argos Productions. Musical talents have always been the biggest staple of the show, and though we didnt keep a lot of the early days talent on due to constraints in planning and personal lives, there is some magic in the early episodes with their rarely seen appearances.

There’s also a lot of stream errors. We were all running the stream instead of just one of us back then, and sometimes half of it would be one person, and the other would be another. It’s almost a historical monument to the general confusion of multiple generations of people all learning how to use computers more in depth for things they did not consider necessary before 2020 and the start of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Today starts with Sarah Weber, taking us through meditation. Following her is Alex Syiek, whom was a one or two times guest on our show bringing musical talent and entertainment for a brief time. With an early morning start like that the rest of the evening flowed together with Jaime Lima and Hillary Lee co-collaborating on a unified front to be a join My Idaho friends and Idaho Ambassador meeting of the minds. These two talented souls brought us many informational episodes and though Jaime continued on into the new year Hillary found herself busy in the year of 2020. Either way we wish them both the best of luck. And following Jaime and Hillary, was Joseph Lyle a man of musical talent in acoustic instruments that won me over personally, even though he had to endure difficult streaming conditions like most of our early guests. Much as our program was designed to do, I felt inspired to pick up one of the musical instruments I watched being played on the very stream I would later pick up and work on.

And ending the stream, Erica signed us off with a thankyou to the content providing partners and to the viewers. Hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did.


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