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Episode 7 – Breaking new ground
April 8th, 2020

Okay so I’m writing this at the beginning of the new year, and I gotta say, I love watching these old videos back. We had so many creative people show up for the Argos TV collaboration and idea and this is one of those episodes that makes you say, yeah this isn’t your average line up of actors.

Erica Deshner started her Art Therapy project with us using her Dazy Air Art and Photography handle. Sami Sue from @samisueluvsyourhair on Instagram took us through some hair care and body health methods. Kvell fitness up next, with a 45 minute block of work out to explode our tired selves into action and better physical health. Next, Jaime Lima with My Idaho Friends , interviewing his personal friend Beth Ineck who has been a massive staple of growth in the city of Nampa. Then it was time for one of those quirky Doctor Who Velocity sketches, and some Music videos before Dave the Fave made a rare but awesome appearance as an in home DJ. Jeston then signs off the stream with the typical thankyous of the time


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