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Episode 8 – Dance And Music
April 9th, 2020

Another day of Argos TV, and here we are again. In this return to past episodes we watch Sarah Weber, Brain Clean Up Coach taking us through another healthy mind soothing meditation. Following that, is a few promotions and a Trejuice special. Trejuice, or Tredays as his productions are often labled, is a skate boarding Camera operator who makes some seriously awesome films and shared the rights to many of his old works with us to air on the stream. Today’s more commonly seen video is one of his “Blur’ series videos, which consist of a time lapse panoramic view of Boise, along with some pristine nature shots, bringing the whole of living in Boise Idaho to view as wildlife and city planning collide, somewhat amicably in certain places.

A half hour into the show and we see Estafania on screen, who is about to take us through her first dance class for the stream. The subject matter? Flamenco. Her artful dance form in the studio was a huge inspiration for us and many viewers at the time.

Afterwards a repeat of the Black box challenge with Cody Cornwall, our local chef.

Then, at the second half of the show, the musical performances begin to crop up as we push through a small wave of promotions, and enjoy some time with The Pearl Tones in their home during Covid’s early quarantines, Up next was Wonder Truly with her unique talent with acoustic and vocals.

Then its a wrap up with Erica signing off after thanking the content providers, sharing with us how important the talents of the people who work with Argos TV are, and to go support their works however you can if they bring any joy into your lives.


The Pearl Tones

Flamenco United



The Brain Clean Up Coach

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