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Episode 9 – Skate Spots and Music
April 10th, 2020

The 9th show of Argos TV started off with Tara Lzicar, with LZ Behavioral Health, taking us through strange and Interesting methods of meditation and self stimulated healing practices. The most noticeable of these practices, are tapping ones self to stimulate a resonating sensation in the body to promote healing. Data point of one, but It made me feel like I was experiencing some internal healing. Though I might have been tapping myself too roughly. Then it was time for Bee Wise Gardens, with an episode taking place outside in a potted garden bed. We are happy to say the quality of our streams with Bee Wise improved dramatically since then, but even at a low frame rate they have brought quality and entertainment to Argos Productions.

After a few Promotions (including the updated model of the Waiting Skeleton!) And a few music videos, we continued the stream with another Alex Lee drum session. We didn’t keep Alex on in the future, and its a shame, as he was a very dedicated and thorough instructor.

Afterwards, Heather Horner is on screen to promote her short film along with Katie Preston, leading actress in said film. The film in question by the way, is called Affective, and is a tale of living with Schizophrenia and not having access to the medication needed to keep it under control.

Then it was on to Ben Chappell I believe, a Local Poet who shared with us his linguist talents, then straight into another guest this time Musical, Emily Anderson. She played for us a few melodies on the Ukulele.

Then to finish the night it was another awesome time spent with The Tone Operator, live from Chicago. Though they have not produced anything new for us in awhile we still love to use their music and we keep in touch with them. Maybe down the line we can have more jam sessions with The Tone Operator.

Enjoy the show.






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