James Mullins

Episode 14 – A Dungeons & Dragons Stream

The stream starts out with Sarah Weber, Brain Clean up Coach, followed by Erica Deshner’s Art Therapy, A long lost livestream with the group known as Arbor Season, and a afternoon spent with the beginnings of a D&D Campaign, starring Erica and Cody, and their Dungeon master Shane. The Brain Clean up Coach: https://braincleanupcoach.com/

Episode 12 – In the Ring!

A typical show with a special guest we hope to have back again some day, Daniel Marin of Marin Boxing Academy, and Christian Winn who has been an integral part of Idaho Storyfort. The Brain Clean up Coach:braincleanupcoach.com/facebook.com/braincleanupcoach/ Courtney sloanemarley.comfacebook.com/sloanemarley/instagram.com/courtneyfeider/ Daniel Marinmarinboxingacademy.com/ Christian Winn Writerchristianwinn.com/facebook.com/christian.a.winn The Pearl Tonesfacebook.com/ThePearlTones/